The creative dance style of Dallas Natyalaya artistically blends various style of Indian Dances such as Bharatanatyam(Kalakshetra Style), Semi classical, South Indian Folk Dance and Bollywood. Dallas Natyalaya provides both Theoretical and practical classes on Bharatanatyam. Our Guru Ms. Sujavanthy Srinivasan dedication to this art was honored by a variety of distinguished exponents around the globe in the field of performing Arts. Due to her exceptional capability, Sense of Rhythm, and deep understanding of the dance form she very well excelled as a Dancer and makes her unique in this field. In Bharatanatyam there are three levels of learning – Basic, intermediate and advanced. The individual levels focus on a group of dance items in Bharatanatyam Below:


• Introduction to Bharatanatyam
• All the basic adavus
• Pushpanjali
• Alarippu


• Jatiswaram
• Gauthuvam
• Padam
• Mallari


• Swarajathi
• Varnam
• Thillana
• Asthapathi


South Indian Folk Dance

Kummi Attam

Dallas Natyalaya South Indian Folk dance classes are very innovative and unique. We mainly teach Kummi (Tamil Nadu).Kummi is a popular Folk dance of Tamil Nadu. Kummi dance is performed by tribal women during festivals. Kummi is a simple folk dance where dancers form circles and clap in rhythmic way.


‘Kollattam’ or the stick dance is one of the most popular dances of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Kolattam is derived from Kol (a small stick) and Attam (play). It is also called as Kolannalu or Kolkolannalu. Kolattam dance is a combination of rhythmic movements, songs and music and is performed during local village festivals. Kolattam is known by different names in different states of India. The Kolattam group consists of dancers in the range of 8 to 40. The stick, used in the Kolattam dance, provides the main rhythm.

Kurathi Attam

Kurathi Attam is the traditional folk dance form of the Kurathi, sometimes referred to as mountain gypsies, of the state of Tamil Nadu. Kurathi Attam is known for its energetic movements and the beautiful songs which speak about the natural riches of the Kurathi’s homeland.


Semi Classical

Dallas Natyalaya Semi-classical dances are fun and fluid. This type of dance breaks the stylized structures and forms of the classical dance, and adopts a more contemporary feel and steps,. All along the ethos of the basic dance remains intact. Semi classical is the combination of classical dance performed on any Bhajans and Ghazals.



Our Bollywood classes are fun. Here, we choreograph exciting dances to the most popular bollywood songs. This is a great class for pre-schoolers learning their first steps, children and teens who are interested in dancing like the stars on TV, and adults who are looking for a fun way to work out with friends and family!