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Sujavanthy Srinivasan is the Founder/Director of Dallas Natyalaya Academy of Dance and she has started her training in Bharatanatyam at a very early and tender age of 5. Her dedication to this art form was further honed by a variety of distinguished exponents in Bharatanatyam from India which kindled her commitment to reach beyond the ordinary. Sujavanthy completed her Bharatanatyam Arangetram and received award from “Padma Shri Padma Subramanian”. She has performed and received many awards in different sabhas in India like Music Academy, Brahma Ganna Sabha, Naradha Ganna Sabha, Rani Sethai Hall, Lady Andal School, Mylapore Fine Arts, and Shree Parthasarathy Swami Sabha. She has performed in front of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu at “ValluvarKottam”. She has participated and won many prizes in TV shows like “ThillanaThillana ” (Sun TV dance show), “Vivel Miss Chennai 2009” (Vijay TV show, crowed as “Miss Talent”), performed in JAYA TV for “Thaka Dhimmi Tha” show, Performed Indian Folk dance in “Doordarshan” India. Sujavanthy has performed internationally for “Natya Sangam” ,“Tamil Sangam” across various locations in the United States. She has also Choreographed and performed at Atlantic City Library International Night series concert (The Atlantic city free library and city of Atlantic City Library international night series at Kennedy plaza. This show feature multi-cultural music and dance around the world), She performed at TIMES SQUARE New York Concert For Diwali celebrations conducted by Maharashtra tourisms Corporation.

And also she performed and choreographed for different Temples in New Jersey like (Shri KrishnaVrudavana Temple, Flushing Temple, Bridge water Temple and so on). Over the past 22 years she has demonstrated great dedication to this art form through here impressive variety of performances, excellent Choreographer and she was a Dance teacher in different dance schools in New Jersey and had more than 110 students and dedicated herself to spread this art form and also judged a variety of performances worldwide. Students of Sujavanthy Srinivasan performed many important events in USA like (For Lead India 20/20. The show is the Tribute For The People’s President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam” conducted by the Founder/Director of Lead India 20/20 Dr. Sudershan Acharya) Telecasted in TV9 News,(“Swami Vivekananda” celebrations happened at New York Flushing Temple conducted by the “The Hindu Temple Society Of North America”, Ganesha festival celebrations telecasted in ZEE TV and so on. She also loves to write blogs about this art form and is keen to promote the same across the Globe.



The term Bharatanatyam is a compound of two words, Bharata and Natyam

The term Bharata in Bharatanaytam, in the Hindu tradition, is not named after the famous performance art sage to whom the ancient Natya Shastra is attributed. The tradition states that the word Bharata is a mnemonic, consisting of "bha"–"ra"–"ta". The bha stands for bhava (feelings, emotions), ra stands for raga (melody, framework for musical notes), and ta stands for tala (rhythm).The term Natyam is a Sanskrit word for "dance". The compound word Bharatanatyam thus connotes a dance which harmoniously expresses "bhava, raga and tala".In its history, Bharatanatyam has also been called Sadir. Bharatanatyam style is noted for its fixed upper torso, legs bent or knees flexed out combined with spectacular footwork, a sophisticated vocabulary of sign language based on gestures of hands, eyes and face muscles. The dance is accompanied by music and a singer, and typically her guru is present as the director and conductor of the performance. The dance has traditionallybeen a form of an interpretive narration of mythical legends and spiritual ideas from the Hindu texts. The performance repertoire of Bharatanatyam, like other classical dances, includes nrita (pure dance), nritya (solo expressive dance) and natya (group dramatic dance).